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Born in a sunny region of Germany, growing up in Bruehl by the river Rhein close to Heidelberg,


Simin indulged in drawing, painting, mixed media sculpture, and photography early on, which was encouraged by her imaginative mother and grandfather. Moving to Chicago in 1996 after traveling to the states to improve her English, the city has become her second home.


Here she has flourished, designing jewelry and honing the craft since 2000. Simin creates her work from inspirations around her studio stocked with a collection of beads, shells, objects in different colors and schemes with the use of pliers and jewelry wire. Each piece is handcrafted until the artist is satisfied with the quality and design.


Simin’s Creation’s features distinctive statement jewelry that is evocative of fantasy and steampunk with a horror twist. This edgy romantic jewelry is crafted from found objects collated by the artist along with handcrafted charms. ​


Motivated by Adaptive Adventures & Atomic Imaging/Golan Studios’ 2015 Mad Max themed Halloween party, Simin created 5 movie perfect feather Mohawks to complete the looks for her costumed companions’ attire for the evening.

These headdresses cinched the highest award of the night. With her love for Halloween, the artist’s new obsession was born.

In the last year, her headdresses have been featured internationally for Australian Polynesian dance groups, costuming for Burning Man, Renaissance fairs across the country, masquerade balls, galleries, and model photoshoots.

Each piece is handcrafted until the artist is satisfied with the quality and design.

If they are lovely, but do not feel right, they will never leave the studio or be worn.


Simin also completed 3 years of Special Effect makeup school and specializes in Special FX Make-Up, Theatrical Make-Up, Face and Body Painting, Sculpting, Creature Design as well as FX Dentures.


Thank you for visiting Simin’s Creations and hope you will be enchanted and mesmerized by the variety of creations here.

Simin Koernig


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