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Medusa Headdress - MADE TO ORDER

Medusa Headdress - MADE TO ORDER

SKU: 58

>>>MADE TO ORDER - I need between 4 to 6 weeks to make this Headdress.<<

This is a Hand-made Siminscreations Medusa headdress. Each snake is hand carved and each eyes and teeth added. Circumference is 23-24".

>>>Please note that the lighter colors like Gold and certain tones of Silver, do reveal the glue marks and seams. Although most customers are still extremely happy with the end result who ordered the Gold & Silver medusa Headdresses there have been some customers that were not. I will update you many times with the status of your piece as I work on it and we can determine together to achieve the results so that we are both happy <<<

My Medusa Headdress weigh less than 1 LB

How the process works:
You can pay and let me know your color combo pick after or before you order.  

I usually need 4 to 6 weeks from start to finish. During this time we will communicate with each other and I will keep you updated on the process as well as send you status pictures, anything you do not like or you would like me to change can be accomplished at this time.

I look forward to hear from you and to create your awesome headdress with you.

A fantastical headdress for renaissance wear, costume parties, masquerades, festivities or whatever may be your fancy.

All made to order items might vary in look and color tones since the material used in most cases are unique and differ from one another or simply maybe out of stock.


SPECIAL / CUSTOM ORDERS are not refundable since I keep you (buyer) involved throughout the process and provide you with plenty of opportunity to make reasonable adjustments to the product as I work on your piece. Your custom piece(s) will only be shipped after receiving your approval of the item.

I have a regular full time job and I devote my valuable after work hours, energy and creativity for the piece you commission me to create for you, I deeply enjoy this process and want you to know that each piece is far from an item you can simply buy at a retail store, they are not manufactured, and require you to honor this process if you wish to order one.

Please visit/follow me on Instagram if you’re interested in: more photos, videos, customer reviews, customer photos, coupons, participate in giveaways and share your photos with me and see what I am working on at the moment

  • I usually need 4 to 6 weeks from start to finish.

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